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Your home, car, property and holidays are all important to you. Make sure they are protected with AXA Mansard Insurance.


Whether you want to look after your own health, the health of your family or the health of your employees, we have a plan for you.


Whether you invest directly or through a financial adviser, you will have dedicated support & access to funds selected by our experts.


Open a Retirement Savings Account today. Our Pension services are redefined to protect you.

AXA Mansard Insurance plc is a member of the AXA Group, the worldwide leader in insurance and asset management with 157,000 employees serving 103 million clients in 59 countries. The group is a conglomerate of independently run businesses, operated according to the laws and regulations of many different countries. Despite being written in upper case, "AXA" is not an acronym, the name was chosen because it is short and can be pronounced easily the same way in every language.


AXA Mansard Insurance plc was incorporated in 1989 as a private limited liability company and is registered as a composite company with the National Insurance Commission of Nigeria (NAICOM). The Company offers life and non-life insurance products and services to individuals and institutions across Nigeria whilst also offering asset/investment management services, medical insurance solutions and pension fund administration through its three subsidiaries AXA Mansard Health Limited, AXA Mansard Investments Limited and AXA Mansard Pensions Limited. The Company was listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange in November 2009 and has Market Capitalization in excess of N28 billion thereby remaining the biggest insurance company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


AXA is present in geographically diverse markets, with operations concentrated in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. AXA is also present in Central and South America, Middle East and in Africa via operations in Cameroon, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Senegal and Algeria. AXA has over 20 years' continuous presence in Africa.

AXA Mansard Health Limited is the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) arm of the AXA Mansard group of companies. The HMO is geared to promote her members’ wellbeing.

AXA Mansard Health Limited has restructured its operations in accordance with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) New HMO Accreditation Guidelines (‘the Guidelines’), and has in this regard, increased the Company’s share capital to N700m (Seven Hundred Million Naira) well above the N400m minimum capital required by the NHIS. It has also established functional offices in Lagos (the head office), Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Enugu, with ongoing arrangements to open offices in other locations.

AXA Mansard Health has a 24-hour call center, a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals, service portals at all AXA Mansard Welcome Centres nationwide and has deployed state-of-the-art technology to attain operational excellence while contributing to prompt service delivery and overcoming of challenges being encountered in the Nigerian health insurance industry. The Company is today positioned to provide optimal and effective health risk management solutions and financial services to both individuals and corporate bodies.

AXA Mansard Investments Limited is duly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria as fund/portfolio managers. We have an authorized and paid-up capital base of N940 million and are a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA Mansard Insurance plc, one of the fastest growing insurance companies in Nigeria. AXA Mansard Insurance plc was awarded a risk rating of Aa- from 2009 to 2010 and a rating of A+ in 2011 by Agusto & Co. rating agency.


Carved out of the investment group of AXA Mansard Insurance and incorporated as a separate entity, AXA Mansard Investments Limited as an investment management company is passionate about offering investors outstanding returns. We employ only the very best financial services professionals; those with focus, drive, intuition and consistent track records.


Our objective at AXA Mansard Investments Limited is to deliver superior long-term performance coupled with exceptional client service to both retail and institutional clients - in line with our culture of Professionalism, Integrity and Service Excellence.

AXA Mansard Pensions Limited was incorporated in 2006 as Penman Pension Limited. In the last quarter of 2014, Mansard Insurance plc a leading Nigerian Insurance company acquired a majority interest in Penman Pensions, thereby becoming the majority shareholder with a view to repositioning and transforming the Company.


AXA Mansard Pensions is licensed to operate as a Pension Fund Administrator to both Private and Public sector employees, while also offering pension advisory, investment and consultancy services. The company has maintained a top 5 industry position on Return on Investment in the last 4 year as at December 2014 (Audited).