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General Clause and Exclusions on the Retail Plan.


    1. A waiting period of 2 weeks apply before enrolees can access medical care
    2. Within the first year of policy purchase, Antenatal care, delivery, post-natal care, pre-existing medical conditions and chronic illnesses are not covered


The following treatments and procedures are also excluded from this policy


    1. Cosmetic Surgery or treatment (Teeth whitening, dental prosthesis, orthodontics, weight reduction surgeries, laser treatment and implants) are not covered
    2. Alternative/ Unorthodox medicine is not covered
    3. Professional sports, wilful exposure to danger, Self-inflicted injuries, conditions caused by act of war, an epidemic or injuries from riot and medical conditions caused by substance abuse are not covered
    4. Domiciliary/Hospice Care (Home medical care and the care of terminal illness is not covered under this policy)
    5. Infertility, induced abortion, Neonatal care not listed under neonatal services and congenital abnormalities are not covered
    6. Advanced radiological investigations (e.g. C.T. scan, Myelogram, EEG)
    7. Advanced and Complex investigations (e.g. Marrow biopsy, skeletal survey)
    8. Prosthetic devices such as cardiac pacemaker, orthopaedic implants
    9. Management of Chronic Renal Failure (Dialysis and Transplant Surgery)
    10. Transplants
    11. Complex major Surgeries (e.g. Heart, Brain and Great blood vessels)
    12. Neurological surgeries
    13. Management of Cancers
    14. All procedures, management and investigations not covered by the plans




General Clause and Exclusions on the EasyCare Plan.


    1. Pre-Existing or Chronic Conditions
    2. Complex & Advanced Investigations
    3. Optical
    4. Within the first year of policy purchase, Antenatal care and delivery isn’t covered
    5. All procedures, management and investigation not covered/slated by the plan


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