Wednesday, May 24

Why You Might Need Travel Insurance This Summer

When you think of traveling, what comes to mind? Sunny destinations, sandy beaches, and azure waters come to mind for most people. However, we don't always experience the ideal travel version. 

Sometimes things go awry, and it can be frustrating if you are unprepared for such situations. Unforeseen events can significantly affect your travel plans and ruin your vacation. Even though you cannot completely avoid these unfortunate events, there are ways to mitigate their impact on your trip. Travel insurance is one way to protect yourself from the financial implications of unforeseeable circumstances. 

In this blog post, we will explore why it is essential that you buy a reliable travel insurance policy before hitting the road this summer.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a form of insurance that covers the costs of medical expenses, lost luggage, and delays while traveling. It can also protect you if you need to cancel or change your travel plans due to illness or an emergency.

Travel insurers offer a range of policies, from basic policies with limited benefits to more complex ones that cover more expensive emergencies. Some policies include student protection for people schooling outside Nigeria and pilgrimage protection on trips to holy lands like Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Why do you need Travel insurance?

Protect your financial interests

Let us start with the basics. While travel insurance can cover various scenarios, its primary purpose is to protect your financial interests if you face an unfortunate situation while traveling. If you have travel insurance, then you won't have to worry about getting the necessary medical attention in a foreign country. You also won't have to worry about getting home if you become ill on your trip. That is because travel insurance includes medical coverage so that you won't have to pay for medical expenses if you get sick or injured while traveling. 

Ensure a hassle-free trip

Besides protecting your financial interests, travel insurance can also help you enjoy a hassle-free trip. You may be familiar with the feeling you get when traveling abroad, or even to a new city, and feeling ill-prepared, confused, and nervous. You may be wondering what to do in case of an emergency or accident, like a medical emergency. You may also be unsure about the best way to get home in an emergency. Be rest assured that travel insurance can take care of these issues for you and more.

Protection against theft and loss of belongings

Suppose you have valuable items while traveling, such as jewellery or electronics. In that case, it is important to know how to keep them safe. You may want to consider purchasing travel insurance that covers losing your valuables while traveling. 

This type of coverage is often referred to as "valuables coverage" or "personal articles coverage." For example, let's say you have a beautiful piece of jewellery worth N2,000,000, and you decide to bring it with you on vacation. If you leave it in the hotel room while you are at the beach, and someone breaks into your room and steals your jewellery, then your travel insurance will cover the loss of your valuables.

Emergency medical assistance

Travel insurance can provide emergency medical assistance if you become ill or are injured while traveling in another country. This is especially true if you visit a developing country, where medical care may be substandard. In such a situation, travel insurance would be your lifeline.  Suppose you have a pre-existing health condition that may need special attention while traveling. In that case, you may have to get extra medical coverage from your travel insurance provider. You may have to pay a higher premium for such a policy. However, it is well worth it if it means you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about medical assistance.


As you can see, there are many reasons why you might need travel insurance. This protection can help you to enjoy a worry-free vacation, especially if you get sick or become injured while traveling. It can also protect you from theft and loss of valuables in case of a natural disaster. 

We hope you have recognized how important travel insurance can be during your summer travel. Ready to get travel insurance? Get an instant quote now or contact us on any of our social media platforms for answers about the products.