Friday, August 27

5 reasons to get travel insurance


Your holiday is finally here, the bags are packed, and you are ready to go. This is a once in a lifetime trip and you have pulled out all the stops and paid several thousands to make the trip perfect. While on holiday, something unexpected comes up, a family emergency, a medical emergency or your baggage gets missing. The one question bound to come up is ‘What happens now?’.

You may now have questions with no easy answers, the perfect holiday that had been planned is no longer perfect and has become stressful.

In life there are many variables that you can’t control and hoping that everything will be fine is not an answer. This applies to travel also, if there is a mishap, you want to know that you have a travel insurance company on your side that will help you recoup your hard-earned money.

Here are 5 reasons why you should always get travel insurance:

  1. Trip cancellation

What are the odds that you won’t be able to take the trip you have waited to take for many months? You have asked for time off work, booked everything correctly and completed the necessary paperwork but there are things outside your control. Getting a travel insurance policy means when things happen instantaneously, you can get your money back or reschedule your trip. Travel insurance is a safety blanket.

  1. Medical Emergencies

If you are travelling outside Nigeria, you should get a travel health insurance. Travel health insurance policies usually provide worldwide coverage so you can seek emergency medical care anywhere around the world. You may require medical attention for something food poisoning or a sprained ankle. Travel insurance will cover your medical expenses while abroad thus, preventing you from spending out of pocket to sort your medical expenses. In fact, countries such as England and USA will request you to provide a certificate of insurance before they treat you.

  1. Assistance services

Usually, the insurance team are on standby 24/7 in case you need to contact them to find out whether something is under your travel insurance policy. You will feel more comfortable in the knowledge that someone will speak to you and have extensive knowledge of how much everything costs to ensure you are in safe hands. They will advise you according to the country you are in and give you the best options whether that is to come home or seek treatment there.

  1. Emergency Evacuation

We are currently living in a very turbulent world in which anything can happen at any minute. You need to know that if anything happens, you will be able to evacuate from the country at the earliest time. Having travel insurance will help you facilitate an emergency evacuation and pay for the appropriate air travel to get you home safe and sound.

  1.  Affordable coverage

There isn’t much difference between a short single trip or a long trip, travel insurance is usually very affordable. It is best to get a travel insurance so you can enjoy your adventure or vacation. Your peace of mind whilst outside your country of origin is another benefit of a travel insurance.

Other types of travel insurance include student protection for students schooling outside Nigeria, and pilgrimage protection to holy lands.

Summarily, getting a travel insurance gives maximum value outside your country of residence and you can be rest assured that you’re covered when emergencies arise.