Friday, August 13

4 Benefits of investing in money market fund

Investing is such an amazing idea. Who doesn’t want their money to make them more money? But as great an idea as it is to invest, it also comes with its own risks.


Investing in Money Market Funds is a great way to invest your savings with low risk. Simply put, it is a pool of money from different investors that is managed by a fund’s manager. If you invest in a Money Market Fund, you are considered as a shareholder of the investment pool.


Below are 4 benefits of investing in Money Market Funds.


Professional Management


Investing your money in stocks or any other type of investment opportunities would be very risky if you do not know what you are doing. Investing in the stock market yourself requires deep knowledge. However, investing in a Money Market Fund doesn’t require any knowledge as there’s a fund manager to take the informed investment decisions on investors’ behalf.


Low Risk


Money market fund is considered a very safe investment with low risk. Most investors have low risk appetite, as it guarantees the return of their capital investment. You can use the investment profiler to know your risk appetite before starting your investment journey.




Money market mutual funds provide you with the fastest access to your cash compared to other investment types. Depending on the fund you invest in, some of them can offer same day or next day liquidity. Therefore, it’s the perfect type of investment for someone who needs access to their savings.



Low minimum rate


Money market funds require low minimum rate to start investing in it. You can start with as low as N2,000 depending on the fund manager. Most other types of investments require a bigger amount to start investing.


Investing in money market fund is the best choice for you if you have a low-risk appetite and prefer fast access to your investment. AXA Mansard’s Money market Fund offers you all the amazing benefits listed above and lots more. Start today by visiting here.