Tuesday, April 13

5 Reasons Why You Should Insure Your Vehicle With AXA Mansard

There are many reasons why you should insure your car with AXA Mansard. Statistics have shown that 85% of Nigerian motorists are driving around whilst being uninsured. If you are one of those motorists, you run the risk of having to fork out a huge cost if you were to have an accident. Why not cover yourself and get some motor insurance quotes from us? At AXA Mansard, we encourage people to get motor insurance and cover themselves against unexpected costs.


Here are some of the reasons why you should consider AXA Mansard for your motor insurance.

1. Loyalty Discount: AXA Mansard rewards customers for their loyalty. People tend to switch insurers at the end of the year without finding out how much their current insurer is willing to renew their policy for. AXA Mansard offers loyalty discount for returning customers to ensure that they are getting the best cover at the cheapest rate. You can get car insurance quotes online and find the policy that suits you best.


2. Medical Protection: When you are involved in a collision and need medical assistance, sometimes the bill can rack up to a large figure. It can be stressful to think about money when you are in hospital, and 9 out of 10 times, money problems can affect your recovery. AXA Mansard offers optional medical cover, which will ensure that all your medical costs are taken care of. As long as your injuries are as a result of a collision with the insured vehicle, you will not have to worry about any medical costs and you can focus on getting better.


3. Vehicle Tracker: Waking up to your car missing is something you don’t want to experience. There are people out there, who have a passion for cars and like to make it their own. For those people, a replacement car will never be as good as their old car. AXA Mansard provides a tracking device in your vehicle to know the exact location of your vehicle. This will put your mind at ease, knowing that your car will always be safe.

4. Flexibility: AXA Mansard’s Autoflex motor insurance plan is a policy that gives you the freedom to pay for covers that suit your needs only. With Autoflex motor insurance policy, you have full control on what you want to be included in your policy and what you could do without. The price of your policy will depend on what cover you choose or the combination of covers you choose. So, if you are looking into an Autoflex policy, ensure that you are keeping an eye on what you want and do not want.


5. International Brand: Insuring your vehicle with AXA Mansard means that you are insuring with a globally recognised company. AXA Mansard is a part of AXA Group, which is one of the leading insurers across the world. We operate in 59 different countries and serve over 100 million clients.


With these 5 reasons, you should be ready to join the percentage of drivers with motor insurance. Drive with confidence.