Friday, May 26

AXA Mansard Health Insurance on Airtel Data: What you need to know

It’s been one month since the launch of embedded AXA Mansard health insurance on Airtel data plan through the *141*44# short code. This service provides data plans embedded with basic health insurance on Airtel lines, which has generated quite a buzz due to the novelty of the product and its inclusivity in meeting basic health care needs. Airtel customers who purchase the data plan have access to online telemedicine, medication from approved pharmacies, and hospital reimbursement when they are hospitalised. The partnership & embedded health insurance has generated a lot of questions and we are here to answer them all. This article addresses the frequently asked questions, but first, let’s provide a breakdown of how to get free AXA Mansard health insurance as an Airtel customer.

How does it work?

  • Subscribe using *141*44# on your Airtel line to choose a suitable data plan.
  • After subscribing, you will receive a confirmation email to chat with a doctor on WhatsApp.
  • Select language and fill out the short form provided.
  • Select your location and preferred pharmacy, then share how you feel (symptoms).
  • Consult with a doctor and get a prescription for medication to pick up at the pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions about the AXA Mansard Airtel Health Insurance Plan

  1. What is AXA Digital Health for Airtel Subscribers?

AXA Digital Health is a health insurance plan offered to Airtel subscribers in collaboration with AXA Mansard Health Insurance to provide access to basic health care consultation and treatment for minor illnesses.

  1. How do I purchase a plan?

An Airtel customer can subscribe by dialling * 141*44# to choose an internet data service bundled with healthcare.

  1. Are there other personal details that would be required of me?

No personal details would be required at the purchase of the data plan.

  1. Does this mean I need just my phone number to access healthcare?

No! Once you purchase the data plan, you receive an SMS welcoming you to Airtel Health. Click on the link to use any of the services on our dedicated digital channel to access healthcare. You would need to supply your basic contact details on your first attempt to access care.

Please note that your provided details would be stored securely on our database and tied to the subscribed phone number for the entire span of the policy. We advise you to use details on your valid and approved ID Card to avoid complications if you need to pick up medication or access our hospitalization benefit.

  1. What should I expect after purchasing the bundled plan?

Airtel Health provides three healthcare services: Telemedicine, Pharmacy Services, and Hospitalization reimbursement.

      1. Telemedicine: provides unlimited access to medical consultations through our dedicated digital channel.
      2. Pharmacy services: provides access to medication from pharmacies, up to ?60,000 per year.
      3. Hospitalization reimbursement: provides lump sum reimbursement of hospital expenses, up to ?20,000 per occurrence per month.
  1. What are the limits to the benefits?
      1. Telemedicine: Unlimited access to teleconsultations through chat and voice calls.
      2. Pharmacy Service:
      3. Annual limit - ?60,000
      4. Monthly limit – ?5,000
      5. Weekly limit - ?1,000
      6. Hospital Cash: Reimbursement limit of ?20,000 per incidence. There is a 30-days waiting period from the last claim paid to the next claim payment.
  1. How does this service work?
    i. The service starts with Telemedicine. Telemedicine allows an Airtel subscriber on this health data plan to chat or talk to a medical practitioner via WhatsApp. You can also get medications from pharmacies and it is advised to choose the nearest pharmacy to you from our list of 2,000+ pharmacies nationwide, to enable you to pick up medications after consultations (for approved illnesses only). Delivery of medication can be provided based on special arrangements with the pharmacy and at the subscriber's cost. Other Ts&Cs apply.
    If sickness persists, you are advised to visit a hospital of your choice as Telemedicine has its limitations. You will be reimbursed to the fixed amount only if you spend up to 2 nights on hospital admission.
  2. Can I be treated at any hospital and request hospitalization expense reimbursement?

Yes! Reimbursement of hospital expenses is guaranteed once the customer is admitted for two or more nights in any registered and licensed hospital. To claim reimbursement, go to the WhatsApp chat and click on "Make Hospital Claim" and submit a valid ID card, medical bill, or discharge certificate after completing a claims incident information on WhatsApp.

  1. How do I access the partnered pharmacies?

While chatting on WhatsApp, the pharmacy prompt will pop up with a link. Click the link and you will be routed to a list of pharmacies. Select the pharmacy of your choice for delivery or pick. Please choose the closest hospital to you.

  1. How do I continue if my subscription expires?

Renew the data plan to keep the service active. Service expires with your data validity days.

  1. Is there a waiting period for any of the services?
      1. Telemedicine: No waiting period.
      2. Pharmacy services: 2 days waiting period.
      3. Hospital Cash: 2 days waiting period

If renewals are done as of when due, the waiting period does not apply. If done later than 24 hours after the expiry of the plan, the waiting period is reinstated.

Do you own an Airtel line and don’t have health insurance? Then go ahead and dial *141*44# now. You can also buy for your loved ones by sharing this code with them to buy and access basic healthcare.