Tuesday, February 20

4 Reasons to Get Your Health Check (Even When You're Not Ill)

Have you ever gone to the hospital even though you don’t feel ill? You’re not going to visit anyone who is sick at the hospital, neither is any of the hospital staff your friend. You also have no symptoms of an illness, and you feel fine. Why would you go to a hospital when there’s no reason to do so? The simple answer is to get a health check.

In our busy lives as Nigerians, we may find it difficult to make out time to get our health check. However, it is very important to make time for routine health checks as they are very important, and they help us stay on top of our health. Here are some reasons why you should integrate health checks into your plans:

  1. They bring you up to speed on your current state or health. A routine health check will help you identify illnesses that are yet to show symptoms and inform you of future health risks. They can help you pick up signs of serious illness early before they progress.
  2. Health checks are a great avenue to get useful health information. They serve as an opportunity to discuss symptoms, disease risk factors such as obesity, smoking, family history, etc
  3. They help manage chronic/ongoing conditions. People who are dealing with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease etc can seize the opportunity of routine health checks to manage these conditions, understand the severity, progress etc.
  4. They help reduce large hospital bills. Getting your health checked now, identifying issues at the beginning stages, and addressing them early is much cheaper (in monetary terms and in time) than getting ill and getting admitted to the hospital.

Talking about bills, health bills in general can be quite expensive and depending on the illness can erode a person's savings. This is where health insurance comes in. For an affordable premium, you can access great quality healthcare across a wide range of hospitals, gyms, pharmacies across Nigeria with AXA Mansard HMO plans. Our plans also give access to free health check once in a year. Choose from our plans today.