Friday, August 13

3 Surprising Benefits Offered by Health Insurance Plans

More people are buying health insurance plans because they understand that it provides a safety net and offers easy access to healthcare. Although, most people understand the basics of health insurance, there are few facts that more people need to know.

Whether you have an affordable health insurance or one of the high-end policies, they all will have hidden benefits. Here are some of the things you did not know health insurance policy offers.


Advice hotline

If you are worried about something and think you need some medical advice, you may not need to call the emergency services or head for the hospital immediately. Most health insurance providers will have dedicated medical professionals who are available 24/7 to give you the best advice possible. For example, Tremendoc gives you access to medical advice from licensed doctors anywhere and anytime in Nigeria.


Health club/Gym discounts

Having a healthier lifestyle is what health insurance is all about. Most insurers will encourage you to do regular exercise and try and keep fit. Some insurers have teamed up with gyms to offer you a discounted rate, so you can stay fit at a cheaper price. If they haven’t teamed up with a gym, then they may offer you a reimbursement for your gym membership. It’s good to check your plan and make use of all the benefits.


Preventive Health Checks

It’s usually said that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Many health insurance policies offer you an opportunity to get your health status checked out. This will help you identify potential health issues and prevent you from falling very ill. Depending on your company and your cover, you may be eligible to annual or biannual health checks.

Health insurance policies offer so many great benefits; it is therefore a great idea to look through your policy and ask your insurer questions so you can take advantage of all the great benefits and take care of your health optimally.

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