Friday, May 15

Tips for staying calm and mentally healthy as you work from home

As we continue to #StaySafe and #StayAtHome to reduce the spread of #COVID19, it may become increasingly hard to stay calm and well especially mentally. As we continue to maintain social distancing and to work from home this week, here are a few tips to remain mentally healthy this period:

  1. Plan and observe proper breaks into your agenda. Exercise if you can, listen to music, talk to a friend on the phone or practice a relaxation technique. Working non-stop is not productive or healthy.
  2. Have a fixed start and finish time for working each day and respect these down time moments for yourself and for you team. Defining work and non-work parts of your day will help you maintain a reasonable pace in the long term.
  3. Set yourself a reasonable task list each week and track it. It is important to recognise achievements even if in the current environment they are smaller or a little different to normal.