Friday, May 15

The ‘1-5-10-20’ Way to maximize your routine

Life is probably becoming more routine and even boring now that everyone has to be at home. You can maximize your daily routine now the ‘1-5-10-20’


  • Routine Objective 1: Building calm into your routine


    • 1 Minute - practice deep breathing - inhale slowly though your nose, count to three as you hold your breath and then breath our for six counts. Repeat ten times to lower the stress hormones in your body. You can even do it during a conference call (although probably even better during a moment of quiet!).
    • 5 Minutes - find a mindfulness or meditation app and give a short session a try
    • 10 minutes - research a new fact – read about a country you want to visit, learn a new word in a different language, watch a short LinkedIn Learning video.
    • 20 minutes - have a power nap, you don’t have to sleep but lie down close your eyes and try the breathing exercise from the 1-minute advice. Set an alarm and leave your mind to wander and relax


  • Routine Objective 2: How to build some Feel good moments into your routine


    • 1 Minute - send a WhatsApp to a friend or family member to lift their spirits.
    • 5 minutes - find some old photographs that make you happy and go for a little ‘walk’ down memory lane.
    • 10 minutes - call a friend or a colleague and just have a chat about how you are both doing - this way you help them as well as yourself
    • 20 minutes - write a letter or mail to someone you haven’t contacted for a while, ask how they are doing and fill them in with your news.


  • Routine Objective 3: Building exercise into your routine


    • 1 Minute - choose a muscle and stretch.
    • 5 minutes - find a song you like and have a little dance.
    • 10 minutes - find a heavy duty chore that needs doing – hoovering/cleaning the bathroom and do it with a lot of energy.

20 minutes - and your country allows it – go for a quick walk. If not find a suitable exercise routine on the internet and give it a try (carefully!). Everything counts from yoga to circuit training, people are being very creative in small spaces.