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The Fund is aimed at investors with high-risk appetite seeking income and strong potential for capital growth through an array of stocks. It is also targeted at investors who wish to reduce concentration risk and benefit from diversification and professional management.

Minimum Investment: ₦ 10,000.00

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Benefits of the Fund

  •  Liquidity: Investors will be able to purchase and sell the Units in the Fund throughout its existence.
  •  Affordability: The minimum investment value ensures the Fund is accessible to a broad class of investors.
  •  Professional Management: The portfolio managers are skilled and experienced professionals and will bring this expertise to bear in the management of the Fund.
  •  Risk Reduction: The diversification of underlying investments ensures that risk is reduced, to the benefit of investors.
  •  Economies of Scale:The Fund Manager aims to use the advantage of the fund size and the platform of the Fund Sponsor to reduce transaction costs and consequently enhance portfolio returns.
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minimum investment: ₦ 10,000.00
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