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Education Plan

This a regular-pay life insurance product specially designed to ensure you have funds for educational expenses when your child(ren) reaches the age of entry into University.

Cash Back

This plan pays back 50% of your premium to you and also ensures that your loved ones are catered for when you are no longer there.

Bonus Life

This plan provides protection over the whole of your life (subject to payment of all premiums) and the opportunity for medium/long-term savings over the premium payment term.

Life Savings

This plan allows you save as low as N2,000 monthly, enjoy superior returns and get FREE life Insurance to protect your loved ones when you are no longer there.

Instant Plan

This is an affordable Life Insurance plan. For as little as N1000, you get permanent disability & accidental medical expense cover whilst enjoying a life insurance cover.

Personal Accident

This product is designed to ensure that you are financially prepared for unforeseen circumstances resulting from accidents such as Permanent Disability Medical Expenses and Accidental Death

Life Celebration

This plan is designed to ensure you have funds for funeral expenses when you lose a loved one.

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