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Malaria Plan

The Malaria Care Cover is a curative cover that offers basic treatment and follow-up consultation to customers for as low as ₦450 per month.

General Care

Premium/Individual/Month ₦450
Premium/Individual/Quarter ₦1,250
Premium/Individual/Annum ₦4,550
Region of Cover Nigeria
Testing kit (RDT + ACTs) Rapid Diagnostic Test and artemisinin-based combination therapy Covered
Malaria treatments Covered
Out Patient Care (Malaria) Covered
Pharmacy Consulation (Malaria) Covered
Health tips on how to recover Covered


Please note that other illnesses apart from malaria are not covered

Frequently asked questions

What does my plan cover?

  • The Malaria plan includes malaria tests and drugs at your preferred pharmacy, but you also have access to several other benefits such as blood pressure and diabetes check, telemedicine, and weekly health tips.

How many times a month can I use my plan?

  • You can get malaria tests and treatment once a month with your plan. Your other benefits such as BP check and diabetes check are unlimited. You can access those as many times as you wish, however you really don’t need a BP check or diabetes check every month, you only need them once every 3-6 months.

Why do I need a health plan?

  • Health care in Nigeria is expensive and unreliable, so a health care cover helps provide some solutions to these issues. For instance, it costs about N3,500 to get quality malaria drugs and tests and most Nigerians get malaria 3 times a year, that means a lot of Nigerians spend at least N10,000 treating malaria every year! With a health cover, the cost reduces by at least 50%!

    And all of this gets even more expensive when it’s a child that falls ill.

    That is why you need a health cover.

How soon can I access my plan?

  • Immediately you sign up, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of the plan!

How do I get a primary pharmacy?

  • Contact customer service directly if you need to find a pharmacy for your use. We always recommend that you find a pharmacy close to your house/work so you can experience a faster service

How do I request service after signing up?

  • Simply call 09087792973 OR dial *987*4#

Are these monthly subscriptions only?

  • No, there are other options. If you wish to subscribe quarterly, bi-annually, or annually, we have those options available to you as well.

How many times can I go, within my subscription month, to get treated for malaria?

  • With the malaria plan, you can get access to treatment only once a month.

What if I want to buy for my family?

  • That's great! We have family plans as well. You can buy a plan for as many as(5) people or less . Simply dial *987*4# to purchase

What if I want to buy for more than (1) person?

  • Yes, you can. Dial *987*4#, select "Malaria" and then select "Buy for Others"

I got tested and I was told I'm negative even though I feel like I have malaria.

  • The symptoms one feels when they have malaria are not unique to malaria. Most bacterial infections (tonsillitis, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, skin infections etc) and viral infections like (flu, chickenpox, hepatitis, meningitis etc) share similar symptoms with malaria. Hence, symptoms alone are inconclusive.

    If symptoms persist, please request to speak with a doctor by calling 09087792973.

I tested positive when I went to another lab/hospital.

  • Our model of testing is as according to the recommendation of the World Health Organization.

    People may test positive in other labs because:

    • They are getting a false-positive result. Certain inferior methods of testing have a high rate of false positivity.
    • Some methods of testing are subjective to the scientist testing and an inexperienced scientist can report a negative result as positive.
    • Unfortunately, some labs/hospitals do not do these tests and just give positive results so patients can be treated and pay more money
    • Occasionally, patients may test negative at the time of an initial test and test positive a while after because the parasite count at the time of initial testing was low and an increase will bring about a positive test.

But I treated malaria and I got better even when I was told I tested negative.

  • In many cases of flu, which is the most common reason why people treat malaria when they don't have it, people will get better whether they take antimalarials or not because flu is self-limiting; it will run its course and resolve even without taking any medication. Many times, symptoms resolve while someone is on antimalarials and it's not really because of the malaria treatment, it will be because it was time for the flu to go.

    Some health practitioners combine antimalarials and antibiotics so that if the person doesn't have malaria but have an infection, the antibiotics will take care of their symptoms. Sometimes it's neither the antimalarial nor the antibiotics that made the person get better.

    Finally, studies have shown that only about 10-15% who bought antimalarials in Nigeria don't have it, but they believe they have it, they will take medications and may feel better afterwards.

What happens if I don’t get sick and I don’t use my plan for a month or more?

  • We always encourage our subscribers to use their benefits as often as possible, which is why we have benefits that are necessary for good health and very easy to access.

    For example, all our plans come with telemedicine and health checks, such as a BP check and diabetes test that you can avail at your preferred pharmacy to access every month before your plan expires.

    Not having to use your plan means you've been in great health, which is good news!

    However, as part of general health practices, we encourage you to get your blood pressure and sugar levels tested regularly. That's why you can access both of these tests as part of your plan.

Can a family member use my plan instead of me?

  • No, family members cannot make a claim by using your account.

    But we make it easy to add any family members to your plan. Just give us a call and we'll let you know the cost to add them to your plan, or they can subscribe for an individual plan for themselves.

I want to speak with someone.

  • I want to speak with someone.

    Call 09087792973. Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM

What if I want to cancel?

  • Cancelling your health cover means you will lose access to all the great benefits you have such as malaria, BP check, diabetes check, telemedicine, etc, so we really wish you wouldn't cancel.

    If you must cancel, please, call 09087792973

How do I renew my policy?

  • Renewing your policy is easy!

    Simply contact customer care on 09087792973 OR dial USSD *987*4# OR Insert link

The Pharmacy I went to did not attend to me!

  • If the pharmacy you were sent to does not attend to you, please contact customer care right away on 09087792973 and we will either speak to the pharmacy to understand what the issue is, resolve it, and get them to attend to you, or we will send you to another pharmacy close by.

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