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At AXA Mansard, we consider it important to protect yourself against unexpected expenses from partial or complete damage to your car. This is why we are offering you AutoFlex, a unique motor insurance that lets you choose what you want to cover. Taking all options, insuring your car ensures that AXA Mansard will be responsible for:

  • payment for repairs or the undertaking of such repairs when the car is damaged by flood, fire or an accident
  • payment for repairs or the undertaking of such repairs to someone else’s car (a third-party) or to property caused by your car
  • replacement of your car when the car is stolen or damaged beyond repair

And remember: you’re insured as long as premium has been paid to AXA Mansard. It’s not worth taking too much risks; let’s handle that for you.

85% of Nigerian motorists have no motor insurance! (source NIA). However, the law requires all vehicle owners to have motor insurance.

With our Accidental Damage cover, payment for repairs or sometimes the repairs on the accidented vehicle is borne by the insurance company - in this case AXA Mansard. You enjoy repairs in the event of any of the following accident situations:

  • Damage caused by a collision or overturning of the vehicle
  • Damage caused by a collision as a result of mechanical failure or breakdown
  • Damage caused by a third-party’s vehicle or property

With Fire Damage cover for your car, you will enjoy payments or repairs in the event of your car catching fire due to an electrical or any other fault or cause. This also covers fire damage to a third party’s vehicle or property as a result of your vehicle being on fire.

In the event that your car is stolen, Theft of Vehicle cover provides adequate replacement of stolen car by providing payment to that effect. In addition, this will cover vehicle break-ins, theft of content and other damage to the car in the event of an attempted theft.

Mrs. Achem Jones Grace from Lagos says:

"Your Prompt attention and swift response to the incident is highly encouraging and worthy of Accolade. The Process, the attitude, and the communication levels were excellent.

I think AXA Mansard defines the real meaning of Insurance in Nigeria, and I will recommend your Services to others."