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  • What is AutoFlex?
  • AutoFlex is a variant of motor insurance cover. It provides the flexibility to choose your required benefits in addition to the legally compulsory third party cover. You have the option of choosing all or some of the following covers:

    • Damage to your vehicle as a result of an accident
    • Theft of your vehicle
    • Damage to your vehicle as a result of fire

    Depending on the chosen cover(s) or combination of benefits, some other cover(s) will apply to your policy at no cost. However, you may be required to pay an extra amount for the following options: Strike Riot & Civil Commotion (SRCC), Flood Damage and “No Excess charge” (Excess Buy Back) depending on the chosen benefit(s).

  • How do I purchase AutoFlex?
  • You can purchase AutoFlex anywhere and at any time via your mobile phones, tablets or computers by simply logging on to You can also call us on 0800AUTOFLEX (080028863539) for immediate assistance.
  • Am I entitled to any other benefit(s) if I choose "Theft only"?
  • Yes, you will be entitled to an additional benefit; Free Strike Riot & Civil Commotion cover (SRCC) and vehicle tracker applies to all vehicles with insured value of ₦3million and above. For vehicles with insured values between ₦2million and ₦3million, you will be entitled to a 25% concession on vehicle tracker cost of N28, 000. All other vehicles will be expected to pay the full sum of ₦28,000 for the vehicle tracker.
  • Am I entitled to any other benefit(s) if I choose "Fire only"?
  • Yes, you will be entitled to an additional benefit; Free Strike Riot & Civil Commotion cover (SRCC) and medical expenses up to a limit of ₦25,000 will apply to your policy. However, you will be required to pay a token for all other options that you may find beneficial.
  • Am I entitled to any other cover(s) or benefit(s) if I choose "Accidental Damage only"?
  • Yes, you will be entitled to additional benefits; free medical expenses, Free Strike Riot & Civil Commotion cover (SRCC) and towing to a limit of ₦25,000 and ₦20,000 respectively will apply to your policy.
  • If I select all three main covers i.e. Theft, Fire and Accidental Damage, what other additional benefits will apply to my policy?
  • If you choose all three covers/options, more benefits will apply to your policy. The benefits include;

    • Free Strike Riot & Civil Commotion Cover (SRCC)
    • Towing Benefit up to a limit of ₦20,000
    • Medical Expense Benefit up to limit ₦25,000
    • Free Vehicle Tracker, if insured value is above ₦3million
  • What documents will I receive immediately after I purchase the product?
  • You will receive a Cover Note and a Product Purchase Notification showing your chosen benefits via the email address provided. Subsequently, your AutoFlex Policy Pack containing all other relevant documents will be sent to your nominated email address and a hard copy dispatched to you via post, after your vehicle has been inspected by an AXA Mansard representative.
  • Which documents are included in the AutoFlex Policy Pack that will be sent to me?
  • Your AutoFlex policy pack includes the following;
    • Policy Document, showing the terms & conditions of your policy
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Receipt of Payment
    Please read all the related documents to make sure you understand what covers are provided and the terms and conditions of the said covers. Also, the Certificate of Insurance in the Policy Pack should always be kept in the insured vehicle as proof of insurance.
  • Do I have full insurance cover immediately after the product purchase?
  • Yes, but only a third party insurance cover is guaranteed immediately after receipt of payment. The additional cover(s) will ONLY take effect after the inspection of your vehicle within 72 hours after receipt of payment. Failure to facilitate the inspection of your vehicle within this timeframe may lead to a cancellation of the policy.
  • Will I be required to provide additional documentation during the vehicle inspection?
  • Yes, if you have not provided us the required documentation during product purchase, you would be required to provide such documentation during the vehicle inspection. The required documentation includes;
    • A copy of your Driver's Licence
    • A copy of the Proof of Ownership Certificate
    • A copy of the Vehicle Licence
  • What is the appropriate value to insure my vehicle?
  • You are expected to insure your vehicle using its market value. The market value of your vehicle represents the cost of replacement of your vehicle with another one made by the same manufacturer, in the same year and of the same model and specifications (the colours may vary from that of the insured vehicle).
  • What is Under-insurance and what is the financial implication as a result of this?
  • Under-insurance occurs when you insure your vehicle for a value lower than the market value. In the event of a claim, the settlement amount will be prorated in the same proportion as the underinsured value compared to the actual market price as at the date of the claim (please refer to the appropriate clause on your Policy Document).
  • What is an “Excess”?
  • An Excess is a portion of the claim amount you are required to bear in the event of a claim. It is compulsory on all motor insurance policies to ensure reasonable caution is exercised by the insured when using the vehicle. However, Excess will not apply to you if you purchase our “No Excess Charge” (Excess Buy Back) option.
  • How can I renew my AutoFlex policy?
  • You can renew your policy via or call our hotline 0800 AUTOFLEX (080028863539) or send email to if you have any clarifications about your policy. You will receive your insurance renewal notice by email at least one (1) month before your policy expiry date. This will contain your next year’s premium and instructions on how to renew your policy.
  • Is it possible to cancel my AutoFlex policy?
  • Yes, it is possible to cancel an existing AutoFlex policy. You would be required to give us a 7-day notice of your decision to cancel. Provided that no claim has arisen during the current period of insurance and the current Certificate of Insurance has been returned to us on or before the date of cancellation, we will refund you a pro-rata amount of the premium you paid for the rest of the period of insurance less administrative charges
  • What should I do in the event of an accident?
  • In the event of a traffic accident, please remember to:
    • Keep calm and report to the Police immediately or call our 24-hour hotline 0800 MYCLAIMS (080069252467) for assistance. You can also send an mail to
    • Obtain the third party driver’s particulars including name, contact number, registration number of the vehicle and insurer (if known)
    • Take photos of the damages
    • If there are any witnesses, politely request their names and contact numbers
  • How do I make a claim on my AutoFlex policy?
  • To facilitate the prompt processing of your claims, the following documents would be required
    • A completed Claim Form
    • A copy of a valid Vehicle License
    • Pictures of the damaged vehicle
    • Estimate of repair from your vehicle workshop
    • If a Third Party is involved, letter of acceptance of liability from the Third Party/Police Report

    These documents should be submitted by email to or by post to AXA Mansard Insurance plc, Plot 1412 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.

    It is very important that you also note the following;

    1. Notify us within seven (7) days of the accident;
    2. Do not admit liability, make any offer, promise anything or make payment to any other party without our written consent;
    3. Notify us immediately if you know about any impending prosecution, inquest or fatal inquiry in connection with the accident.