Introducing *987# USSD Service

*987# is one code for life's big issues and is AXA Mansard's dedicated USSD service platform.

Dial *987# to view our full service offering of Health Insurance, Investments Plans and Insurance including Bills Payment services.

You can make payment for any of our plans and pay bills from your bank account or your investments funds with us.

For Health Insurance Dial*987*1#


To Check Enrollee Eligibility

Save time and confirm the status of your plan by simply dialing *987*1*1#.


Authorization Approval

To request for authorization approval as a hospital, enrollee or other service provider simply dial *987*1*2#


To Purchase a Plan

Dial *987*7*1*3# to choose from our Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus and EasyCare Health Insurance Plans.

Bronze: ₦49,800.00

Silver: ₦68,750.00

Bronze Plan: ₦120,500.00

Platinum: ₦303,350.00

Platinum Plus: ₦489,600.00

EasyCare: ₦20,000.00

For Investments Dial *987*2#

Get easy access to and control what you want to do with your investments funds with AXA Mansard Investments. To get started you will need to create a 4-digit PIN which ensures the safety of your funds and prevents unauthorized access to your funds.


To Liquidate

Dial *987*2*4# or *987*2*4*amount#.

Very simply liquidate (part or full) your investment funds with us into your own bank account. You will need to enter the PIN you have created to have the funds transferred to your pre-registered bank account(s).


To Buy Airtime or Pay Bills from Mutual Funds

Dial *987*2*6#

We provide you the option of buying airtime for your phone or third party’s phone as well as making bills payments from your investment funds with us. Your 4-digit PIN is required for this.

Buy Airtime

Buy Data

Pay for DStv, GOtv (Cable tv)

Pay for Electricity (IKEDC, EKEDC)


To Create/Purchase a New Fund

Dial *987*7*2# to buy into a new investment funds either as a new customer or as an existing one.

Alternatively, dial directly to the option of choice -

To buy an Investment option (New Customer): *987*7*2*1#

To TopUp Investment: *987*2*1# OR *987*2*Amount#

To Gift a Mutual Fund to a friend: *987*2*1#

To Pay Bills with Mutual Funds: *987*2*6#


To Check Balance

Dial *987*2*3#. Your investment balance automatically shows or you are prompted to select account if you are investing in more than one portfolio. Your balance is displayed subsequently after this.

For Insurance Dial*987*3#

To Purchase a Policy: *987*7*3*1#

To Renew other Policies: *987*3*3# OR *987*3*3*Amount#

To Liquidate Savings Policy: *987*3*4# OR *987*3*4*Amount#

To check Motor Policy Expiration: *987*3*5#

To check Claim Status: *987*3*6#



USSD Error messages

Invalid MMI code or SP Timeout?

This means the USSD session has timed out or there is poor network connection. Kindly try again.

Please try again ?

If you see this error message, kindly try again

Unsuccessful payment ?

This error message can be as a result of entering invalid PIN, invalid/dormant account, poor network connection from bank or session timeout. Kindly try again.

My transaction failed but my account was debited

Kindly send your complaint to or call +2347002926267273 so we can investigate the issue.

No client number mapped to phone number

As a security feature, actions relating to existing AXA Mansard Investment customers can only be carried out from the provided phone number when setting up the Investment account.

You do not have any bank account mapped to your mobile number

This message is displayed if you have not tied your bank account number to your BVN or your bank is not one of the listed banks on the USSD platform.


My Bank is not listed at point of payment

Currently, not all banks enable its account holders make purchases on *987#. These banks include - Citibank, First Bank, GTBank, Jaiz Bank, Standard Chartered Bank. We are working on listing these banks as soon as possible.

If your bank is not on the above list, kindly contact your bank to confirm that your BVN is tied to your bank account and phone number.


What Banks are available on the USSD channel ?

The listed banks include - Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Ecobank, Fidelity, FCMB, Heritage Bank, Keystone, Skye Bank, Stanbic, Sterling, Suntrust, Union Bank, UBA, Unity Bank, Wema Bank, Providus Bank, Zenith Bank.


I do not have a Wema Bank account but Wema Bank is displayed as one of my Banks

If you have an ALAT by Wema Bank account, then Wema Bank will be displayed as one of your banks.


What type of phone do i need to complete a USSD transaction?

USSD transactions can be processed on any feature or smart mobile phone.


How is my payment confirmed?

A flash text message notification is displayed and you should receive an SMS confirmation.


How do I create/change my 4 digit PIN for my investment transactions?

Customers can do so from the USSD menu for Investments or by dialing *987*2*7#


How do I change my 4 digit PIN that shows at the point of payment?

Kindly contact your bank to inform them that you will like to change your NIBSS eBills payment pin.


Why do I have to enter my pin twice when I try to access some services?

The first is to validate your request while the second is required by NIBSS at the point of payment to validate that the transaction is not fraudulent.

Transaction Cost and Convenience Fee

S/N Transaction Type Payment via Bank(Naira) Payment via Mutual Fund(Naira)
1 Investment in account 90 N/A
2 Insurance payments 0 N/A
3 Health insurance payments 0 N/A
4 Airtime purchase 0 0
5 Data purchase 0 0
6 MultiChoice DSTV 90 0
7 MultiChoice GoTV 90 0
8 Ikeja Disco (Token Vending and Bill Payment) 90 0
9 Eko Disco (Postpaid and Prepaid) 90 0

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